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Read this!!  The information on this site is for experimental purposes only.  There is no scientific proof that thyroid disease can be corrected nutritionally.  The editor of this site is not a doctor and has no formal medical training.  What works for one person may be dangerous for another.  Consult a qualified nutritionist who knows your health condition before commencing any supplement program.

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What's New at iThyroid?

  • 10-15-05 Mary Shomon's new book is out with a lot of good information including a chapter on my nutritional protocol for correcting hyperthyroidism. Her book is called "Living well with Grave's Disease and Hyperthyroidism: What Your Doctor Doesn't Tell You...That You Need to Know."
  • 10-21-01 Balancing Calcium and Magnesium---the key to avoiding irregular heart rate.
  • 2-11-01 New page called "Latest Ideas" with new thoughts on potassium.
  • 9-15-00 Phthalates and DHEA. New information suggests that these hypolipidemic agents may promote hyperthyroidism.
  • 8-13-00 Boron:  Studies show that boron is critical for magnesium and calcium metabolism, raises serum copper levels, increases estrogen and testosterone, and is probably very important for the control of thyroid disease, especially hyperthyroidism.
  • 8-10-00 Laboratory Tests for Thyroid Function           By Elaine A. Moore 
  • 6-14-00 Chocolate--High cadmium content makes it a negative for those with thyroid disease, despite the fact that it is high in copper. 
  • 6-1-00 Cadmium Sources in our food, air, and water.  Book excerpt identifies many cadmium sources.  A MUST read for everyone!!
  • 5-25-00 Certain foods called tyramines, such as chocolate, wine, beer, and bananas can contribute to headaches, hypertension, and possibly hyperthyroidism in certain individuals.  Take a look at Tyramines, MAO and MAOI, in the new Deeper Studies section.
  • 5-21-00 Mercury file rewritten.  Mercury toxicity from dental fillings is a major health problem and a significant factor in thyroid disease and anemia.  Mercury accumulation can be accelerated significantly by the consumption of milk and probably by estrogen.  
  • 5-5-00 ANEMIA is highly associated with thyroid disease.  In fact, anemia may be the beginning of thyroid disease.  Hyperthyroidism may be copper-deficiency anemia and hypothyroidism may be iron-deficiency anemia.  Click here to read about Anemia.
  • 5-5-00 New hypothesis why milk adversely affects hypers: MILK
  • 4-26-00 Don't get iron deficient! Read the story of how I got iron deficient so it doesn't happen to you. Click here: Iron
  • 4-25-00 Read about Cadmium. It appears that cadmium is a (or maybe the) prime cause of thyroid disease.
  • 4-23-00 New section for hypers: Getting Started.
  • 4-21-00 Where to get a hair analysis.  Hair analysis.
  • New information on Drinking Water.
  • New 4-14-00 Medical Treatments for Graves'.
  • New 4-12-00 Bone and Teeth Problems

If you have thyroid disease, what should you do?  Follow these steps:

  1. Don't get hurt.  Hyperthyroidism is dangerous and kills.  Get to a doctor and get antithyroid medications to prevent heart failure.  Be careful though.  Many people get persuaded into undergoing RAI before becoming informed about the dangers.  Educate yourself first.   Read the section RAI or not RAI?  If you have hypothyroidism, take replacement hormone.  I've seen no evidence that not taking hormone will stimulate your thyroid to work harder.  Nutrition may reverse the hypothyroidism, but until then take hormone.  Read about the hormone choices, Synthroid or Armour, on HypoT Treatments.
  2. Explore the Section, "New to the Site?" above.
  3. Become your own doctorDon't put your life in someone else's hands because they don't care as much about you as you do.  Don't trust anyone else, including me.  Do your own research.  This site is devoted to research into the nutritional basis of disease, but this work is experimental.  Nothing you will read at this site or hear from anyone else has been proven to work 100% of the time.  You have to find your own path.  
  4. StudyI've assembled a lot of information from observations from my own disease experiences, others experiences, and published scientific studies. The deeper you go into this site the more detailed information you'll find. Read the information here and then do your own research.  You may discover something critically important that no one has found before.
  5. Interact.  Go to the bulletin board and tell your story and experiences.  We all learn from those stories.  When you find something that works for you report back to the group.  We make progress by all helping each other.  
  6. Post your storyIf you have success or failure following a particular strategy, write all the details down and send it to me for posting under the appropriate disease category.  This way there will be a permanent record that everyone can refer to so that the story won't have to be told over and over.

This site is for everyone.  
While statistics tell us that about 5-10% of the population have or will get thyroid disease, my estimation is that at least 80% of the population has nutritional deficiencies that result in reduced mental and physical capacities and which could eventually lead to degenerative diseases like thyroid disease and other autoimmune diseases.  
    This site has health and nutritional information that is not available anywhere else.  Dig in and I think you'll find the study of nutrition incredibly fascinating.  You may find the nugget of information that will lead you to correct your disease condition.  If you don't find it, ask on the bulletin board.

Confused by Nutrition?
Don't worry, everyone is confused.  It's complicated.  However, it's making more sense all the time.
    Many people discount nutrition because of all the conflicting information.  One day food X is found good for you; next day food X is found bad for you.  What do you do?  Give up or dig deeper?  I dig deeper.
    If people can nutritionally correct diseases which are not understood by mainstream medical practitioners like hyperthyroidism and hypothyroidism, then anything is possible.
    In my opinion, If you have a disease, including the autoimmune diseases, it's probably due to a nutritional deficiency and can be corrected.  Mainstream medicine isn't looking into the nutritional correction of these diseases, but here we are.

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